A Study of Protection of Human Right in The Context of Indian Constitution

  • Rekha


The need for the protection of human rights issues each at countrywide and global stage led to the
enactment of an act which specifically offers with the protection of human rights known as the safety of
human rights. The goal of the act is to provide organizational shape for shielding human rights. The act
gives for human rights fee at countrywide level as nicely as at nation stage in each kingdom and in
addition for setup of human rights courts at district level for higher protection of human rights and topics
related therewith. The function of the India Judiciary and the scope of judicial interpretation have
increased remarkably in recent times, in part because of the terrific increase of statutory intervention
within the present era. The judiciary plays a crucial position inside the protection of human right of the
citizen which includes children. Some of the landmark toddler-specific verdicts brought by using the
Indian Judiciary make it clear that the judiciary has shown a fine attitude towards the protection of human