Death Rituals: The Present Scenario of the Indo-Chinese Community of Kolkata and their Practices

  • Taniya Upadhaya


From the late 18th century to the early 19th century several groups of migrants arrived in India from China. Their main cause of arrival was for the search of better livelihood because at that time China was experiencing famine and the economic condition of China was not good. During the Sino-Indian war in the year 1962 many Chinese shifted to Kolkata, they first arrived in Achipur, Budge Budge. Since then they have become an integral part of Kolkatas culture and tradition. Today most of the Chinese of Kolkata are settling in China Town in Tangra, Teritti market in Bow Bazaar and in Achipur, Budge-budge. After settling down in Kolkata some changes are witnessed in their rituals and practices due to the impact of shifting in a new place.
Death is an inevitable occurrence in every persons life. Different culture have different manner in execution of their death ritual and practices. This paper is an attempt to discuss the death rituals of the Indo-Chinese community of Kolkata, and how various factors have influences on their present death rituals.