Biomechanical Analysis of Footprint Measurement among School Boys: A Positive Approach to Posture

  • Kumar. P
  • R.Ram Mohan Singh


The study was to determine the status of lower body deformities among school boys in Pondicherry. Now a day's most of the elderly people complain of pain in their knees and suffer from arthritis due to various reasons. The researcher wanted to know whether there due to modern lifestyle such issues are with younger people too also if such aches have any connection to their posture. For the purpose, 1719 school students were selected from various geographic zones in Puducherry, India. Their age ranged between 9-12 years as per the school records. Their footprint impression was collected and measured and later fed to the computer based software named The soft copy of the images was applied in Kinovea software for analysis. The collected data is presented in this paper. The findings This study strongly indicated that the most of the children were affected by lower body deformities especially flat feet and high arch. Hence, it is advised that the stakeholders should pay more attention to the mechanics of the feet at the right age so that future aches and pains can be avoided.