Mechanical Behavior of Friction Surfaced Stainless Steel Coating on Low Carbon Steel

  • V.Pitchi Raju
  • D. Govardhan


Friction surfacing is a process derived from friction welding with several advantages over conventional fusion welding processes, these deposits are of solid phase bonding, which is proposed as one of the surface modification method to produce coatings with wear and corrosion resistance deposits and used in the field of repair and reclamation of worn and damaged components. This paper is an attempt to produce stainless steel coating on low carbon steel by friction surfacing by applying 23 factorial designs of experiments are selected to optimize the welding conditions. The aim of this work is testing of deposits for quality evaluation was carried out by visual inspection, adhesion test, and microstructure and micro hardness survey and intergranualar corrosion test and bend test. This paper is an attempt to give details of variants of friction surfacing techniques and bonding mechanism. The regression equations were arrived at based on the design of the experiments approach.