A Study on Attractive Paint in Non Paint Outlet with Special Reference to Coimbatore District

  • Dr. B. Maheswari
  • G.R. Dinesh Kumar


The Study On attractive paint in non paint outlet with special reference to Coimbatore district has the objective, to understand the market potential for attractive paint outlets as to find out the perception towards attractive paints in nonpaint outlets etc.

The researcher has adopted descriptive research design to describe the importance of the study & it is not new in the fields of research.

The researcher has adopted structured questionnaire method to collect primary data and also taken data from secondary sources like magazines, newspapers, website etc. The sample size decided for this study is 150 through convenience sampling.

Through chi square analysis it is revealed that there is no significant difference between the educational qualification & product and there is a significant difference between years of staying in the business & product categories.

The study was conducted that there should be sufficient knowledge about attractive paints and to counsel the non paint outlets that they will give excellent services, sufficient payment terms and credit limit.