A Critical Study of Women Protagonist in Sudha Murty’s Novels

  • S. S. Pachkudke


 This paper focuses on Feministic approach in the novels by Sudha Murty, taking in account the complexity of life, different histories, culture and different structure of values, the women’s question, greed for money and working abroad as status symbol in Indian society. The article mirrors that Indian mentality which is fascinated by the foreign currency which is valued more than sentiments, morals and relationship. Murthy is considered to be one of the most realistic authors, for she is able to bring the true picture of psyche of the women changing with the times. Her concern for the women who are caught in the dilemma of liberty and individuality or stability and protection is understandable. Literature is a mirror of human society. Over centuries it has been more powerful medium of provoking human feelings and emotions. Sudha Murty’s novel Mahasweta and Gently falls the Bakula picturize the mental and physical agonies of the female protagonists. Mahasweta tells about the superstitious beliefs and sufferings of Anupama and later how she created a new happy life for herself. Gently falls the Bakula portrait who was trapped into a loveless and sophisticated life finally she goes beyond her dream.  It discusses the suffering of women in society and their incarnation into a brave and strong mind to face the tribulations in India. The protagonist in her novels is ordinary woman who effectively handle extraordinary responsibilities, problems and emerge as new beings with the western education and culture.