An Overview on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

  • Durgesh Nandan


Agriculture is the most systematic word used to describe many types of feeding and other commodities by plants and domestic animals for human beings in the globe. In the field of agriculture, artificial intelligence just appeared. Inappropriate land management, illnesses and infestations of pests, the high demands of data, low productivity, and knowledge gap between farmers and technology are only a few of the problems facing the industry to boost its production. This document contains all information concerning artificial intelligence and farming. The document also includes artificial intelligence techniques, artificial intelligence robotics, artificial neural network architecture, and artificial intelligence agriculture. Factors including such demographic growth, past disasters, changes in food resources, as well as regional major food patterns can indeed be utilized for predicting and researching Artificial Intelligence. This know-how may be used to modify harvesting practices successfully and decrease crop production waste and enhance farmers' revenue.