Agricultural Science Facing Climate Change Along With the Challenges of Food Production

  • Dr Ashok Yadav


In recent decades the major concerns that the world's environment, people and economy have been affected by climate change have been considered. As a consequence of rising global food supply while managing with limited land and water resources and growing climate-change concerns, agricultural activity will confront substantial challenges in the 21st century. However, such problems provide greater ecologically, economically, and socially risk-resistant possibilities to design and maintain food and subsistence systems. In order to deal with these difficulties, it is certainly necessary to apply current interdisciplinary knowledge and various technical and institutional advancements. The shifting climate is challenging agriculture and agricultural policy-making. Agriculture must address both greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and climate change adaptation. The aim of this article is to examine some of the main results concerning several of these concerns, with a focus on climate change and to offer an overview of the major challenges faced by the world's food and farming environment in the 21st century and its impacts. Specific problems and their influence on agriculture will be the subject of future study.