A Study of the Indian Agriculture Crop: Wheat

  • Dr Mohd Awais


India's largest major industries include agriculture. It is considered the backbone of the Indian economy. Agriculture represents around 18% of the country's GDP (Gross domestic product). In terms of agricultural production, India is the main maker of maize, rice pulses, spice oils and spices. Agriculture provides roughly 55% of the population with food. This article covers all specifics on indigenous agriculture, including information on wheat crops as an agricultural matter for the Indian economy, statistics on wheat output in other countries, Indian wheat production and changes in value, etc. This document also contains data concerning the export of wheat to India of agro-food items and changes in values for various years and also contains detailed data on the key export’s nations, such China, India, USA, etc. For planners and all other stakeholders, the future of agriculture is a critical concern. Government and other organizations, such as small-size farmers, primary and secondary processing, supply chain, facilities to encourage the use and marketing of productive resources, as well as eliminating market middlemen in India, are trying to address the fundamental challenges of agriculture.