Analysis of Several Technology used in Medical FieldAnalysis of Several Technology used in Medical Field

  • Dr Kamala Kant Parashar


Humans' primary priority has always been their health. As the saying goes, "Health is Wealth" which indicates that nothing is more essential than staying well. But, in today's world, individuals have grown so reckless with their health that many people's lives have become entirely reliant on medications and diagnostic devices. Every day, a slew of new ailments emerge, some of which physicians are still working to treat. Some illnesses, such as cancer, are treatable yet decrease the patient's life expectancy. Many technical breakthroughs have been made in the medical profession to solve many of these difficulties. Many different equipment and gadgets have been developed to combat various illnesses in different ways. This paper has covered all of these achievements and inventions. This article describes how different technologies are utilised in the medical sector, how they operate, and how they have radically revolutionised the medical industry. It describes how, in the future, technology such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things will strengthen the medical sector and make it more broad and advanced than it is now. All of these technologies, together with their applications, are predicted to transform the medical sector's future and make it more successful.