An Overview of Electric Vehicles

  • Dr. Aniket Kumar, Dr. Niraj Singhal


Electrifying transportation is a potential strategy for addressing climate change. The introduction of electric vehicles to the market has had a major effect on a variety of sectors, particularly the power grid. Various regulations have been adopted to encourage the deployment of electric vehicles, and the upward trend in electric car adoption in recent years has been encouraging. Electric car powertrain, battery, and charger technology have all advanced in recent years, allowing for a broader use of electric vehicles. Despite the environmental and financial advantages, charging electric cars has a detrimental effect on current network operations. To address this problem, appropriate charge management methods may be used. Furthermore, integrating electric vehicles with the smart grid may open up a slew of possibilities, particularly in terms of vehicle-to-grid technology and as a solution to the renewable energy intermittency problem. This paper examines the most recent advancements in electric car technology, as well as the implications of electric vehicle adoption and prospects.