The Application of Carbon Fiber in the Vehicle Market

  • Dr. S.S. Chauhan, Dr. Preeti Garg, Dr. Abhimanyu Upadhyay


: The use of lightweight materials presently produces new and novel production materials in the automobile sector. High strength-to-weight ratios, high fatigue strength, low thermal coefficients, high electrical conductivity, low weight, high modulus elasticity-to-weight ratios, strong corrosion resistance, poor impact resistance, and high carbon fiber damping are all significant characteristics. For characteristics such as energy savings, durable facilities, greater flexibility and better ergonomics, manufacturers need innovative materials. Carbon fiber with excellent material characteristics is the best material with these attributes. That is why there is increasing demand for carbon fiber, particularly among sport vehicle makers and premium automobiles. This article focuses on the structure and applications of carbon fiber in the automobile sector. Although carbon fibers are an excellent material for manufacturers because of their exclusivity they were still utilized in limited terms, other issues were also addressed in the following article.