Cyber Crimes against Women in India and its Prevention

  • Sunidhi Kashyap
  • Vishal Kalyan


Due to more emphasis on the patriarchal setup of the society, women have been treated many times as a second-grade citizens even though in our Constitution of India it has been given that there must be equality before law and equal protection of laws for both men and women. The present scenario of cyber crimes in the form of Internet is more alarming than ever. Trolls are often seen in the social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and instant messaging services like Whats app where we can easily see that thewomen are becoming more victim of hate wave in comparison to menand moreover trolls are mostly about the comments on the body of women who describes them in a very offensive manner.In social structure of India,often men are seen to harm the profiles of women on the internet in such a way so as to destroy their prospective of marriage.In the cyber world many forms are there for attacking or taking away the modesty of women like trolling, abusing, threatening, stalking, body shaming, defaming, voyeurism, revenge porn and other forms of indecent representation of women. The main reason that these types of cyber crimes are increasing day by day and women in majority cases are not taking bold step is because they are not fully aware that where to report the crimes and moreover, they have to face the social embarrassment afterwards. Most of the problems can be solved if the women report the crimes immediately without any hesitationand also give warning to abuser to take strong legal action if they would not stop doing the crime against them.Lack of awareness is playing a major role in spreading the cyber-crimes against women.