Preparation and Characterization of JNS Deposited Pure and AI Doped CUO Thin Films for P-N Junction Diode Application

  • S. Saravanan


A simple all-arrangement approach for the development of nanostructured p-CuO and n-ZnO thin films. The impact of toughening temperature on the physical properties of CuO and ZnO thin films was inspected. XRD and Raman spectra portray the basic and stage virtue of arrangement developed CuO and ZnO films. The electrical just as the optical properties of thin films were likewise considered. The normal optical transmission of CuO and ZnO thin films in the obvious otherworldly locale was observed to be over 80 and 95% individually. Band hole vitality minor departure from toughening temperature were explored for CuO just as ZnO films. Surface morphology broke down by FESEM demonstrates that the films are smooth.