A Study on “Keshiraja Virachita Shabdamnidarpanam”

(Kannada Grammar) an Education Technology Approach

  • Dr. Patil Srikant. V


Kannada language in the written form has a history of about 1600 years. It is regarded as one of the scheduled languages of India. Kannada is widely spoken in the Southern part of India by nearly six crore people. It is a fact that there are variations in the language among the native speakers. Over the years, the script, dialects, intonation, accent, stress and other attributes of Kannada experienced transformation. Therefore, variation of Kannada language is not recent phenomenon. The renowned Kannada grammarian Keshiraja emphasizes the various aspects of variation in his acclaimed work Shabdamanidarpanam. This research article examines the nature of variation in Kannada and the effect of those changes as described by Keshiraja in Shabdamanidarpanam. The present study attempts to carry out a methodological review of the work and present the major impacts of variation.