Quality of work life: A literature Review in Regional Rural Banking Sector

  • Kothapalle Inthiyaz, T. Narayana Reddy, P. Subramanyachary


The concept of Quality of Work Life (QWL) has emerged as a crucial determinant of an archetype employment. A number of researches have been conducted on QWL, but a few studies are in the Regional Rural Banking sector. However, considering the contributions of QWL in the modern times, a more comprehensive review is attempted here on Regional Rural Banking sector. In this connection, the author has reviewed the literature on QWL components which might help researchers to require a better check out the appliance of QWL components. For this purpose, the author considered available secondary data relates to Regional Rural Banking sector. The present paper Quality of Work Life: A Literature Review in Regional Rural Banking sector is presented in four parts encompassing the concept of QWL, Review of available Literature on QWL, various Components of QWL and adoption of QWL components to Banking environment. Based on the review a conclusion is provided. It is observed that 10 components are most predominant components that address the QWL of employees in the Regional Rural Banking sector.