Simultaneous Elections: Striking At the Roots of Indian Parliamentary Democracy

  • Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Sanjaya Choudhury,


The "NITI Aayog and other government agencies" have suggested consolidated elections to the "Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies" to reduce the disturbances due to frequent elections, that involve "enormous expense, administrative burden, community violence, policy manipulation", etc. With the assistance of structures like proactive no-confidence voting, specified assemblies, and administrative regulation in the event of premature impeachments, such entities aim to create and preserve simultaneous elections. These views are based on a misguided presumption that coexistence is dependent on these frameworks. It is noticed that, without incurring accountability costs, this may can be introduced. They make the system rigid in an attempt to achieve equilibrium in government, assault the values of democracy as well as federalism, and weaken executive responsibility towards the legislature, implying an essential precept of democratic system.