Study of “Internet of things” for Healthcare Using Effects of Mobile Computing

  • Kulwant Singh Kharb, Dr. V.K. Sharma,


In all aspects of life, the influence of the "Internet of Things" has indeed been fundamentally changed, but related to its own cutting-edge advancement, its influence on the welfare system has been important. When assisted by the characteristics of online computing, the position of the "Internet of Things" becomes more prominent. In the healthcare context, mobile computing expands the "Internet of Things" capability by bringing significant assistance as the health applications (m-health) that can be used in mobile. A systematic literature review protocol"Ā is proposed in this study to study how this innovative technology supports healthcare "Internet of Things" applications, contributes to the present and potential research work of the "Internet of Things" in the public health system, brings safety and protection to health "Internet of Things" devices, and impacts the "Internet of Things" in the healthcare system. In addition, in light of our systematic literature review procedure, the object of the paper is to research the effects of theĀ mobile computing on the "Internet of Things" in the healthcare setting as well as theĀ hospitals which are smart.