Indian Values And Human Relationships In The Selected Work Of Sudha Murty

  • Ravi Prakashrao Munde


The purpose of the paper is to study quest for self-inside the novels of Sudha Murty, taking in account the complexity of lifestyles, distinct histories, way of life and special structure of values, the girls question, notwithstanding simple solidarity, needs to be tackled in terms of socio-cultural state of affairs. Women below patriarchal stress and manage are subjected to plenty greater bunts and social exclusion. They stay and war underneath the oppressive mechanism of closed society, may be very tons contemplated in her writings. They are more discriminated and biased in lieu of their sex. Murty is considered to be one of the most sensible creators, for she is capable of convey the authentic picture of psyche of the ladies converting with the times. Her problem for the women who are caught within the predicament of liberty and individuality or balance and protection is understandable. The paper provides the way wherein the urban center class girls portrayed struggling to self-identification in Sudha Murtys 4 novels, all these 4 novels are girls targeted and ladys feelings and attitudes are delineated pretty meticulously. We see budding new girls try to assert their personal identity on this male ruled international. This observe of the research concludes these days new women are prepared to conducting their aspirations. A woman, like a person, needs to meet her intellectual self