MGNREGA: ďIssues and Challenges in ImplementationĒ In India

  • Manish Kumar


       MGNREGA is an ambitious project of the central Govt. of India. This Act passed by the UPA government in the year of 2005; to ensure the livelihood security of the rural household. This programmes not only a simple project but also an Act Government of India, which introduced with the core objective to provide the guaranteed employment, and promote infrastructural development in the rural area. It has the provision for the rural people work have to provide within the radius of 5 km of the village. In 2007 NREGA renamed as MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act). Thus, the programme introduced with the integrated approach for the eradication of the rural people and sustainable development for the upcoming generation. In all 623 districts of India has been started of MGNREGA from the last nine-year but till today it could not produce a good result as per this objective is concerned. In this context most of the analysis of studies shown that the programme not working well on the field level, because of its poor implementation and lack of coordination in the administration of the scheme. It was seen that very few states like Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, where the scheme in a successive mode where Maharashtra played a role model in the operation of MGNREGA, the origin of Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS),  is a backbone of this Act thus the previous employment scheme has been merged in MGNREGA. There are many challenges and issues in the programme of MGNREGA in which there are many different factors such as on-demand work, poor implementation process,

work identification at the site, lack of proper planning and coordination amongst the staff, the complicated structure of administration, delay in payment, less competent staff, and finally lack of human resources. Through this study, the author tried to analyse the factors based on issues and challenge and problems in the implementation of MGNREGA in the overall context of this scheme.