In Vitro Callus Culture and Synthetic Seed Formation from Annona Squamosa L.

  • Mamta Choudhary et. al


Annona squamosa L. is an important medicinal plant of the family Annaceae, which has become a species in India. The use of synthetic seed technology with encapsulated callus germination can help protect endangered medicinal plants such as Annona squamosal L. with MS media supplement by 0.1mg / l NAA with 2.0 mg / l BAP and cultured in MS media covering the same growth regulators. For synthetic seeds containing 2.0 mg / L BAP + 0.2 mg / L NAA and grown on MS medium, 70% of the explants in both cases formed germination. After various storage periods, the encapsulated seeds retained their germination even after 20 day of storag on 4C. in the production of artificial seed, a corresponding protocol for Annona Squmosa L. specified for this study provides an alternative method for micro propagation and its preservation. For the long-term storage of Annona squamosa in west india, this protocol would offer promising opportunities to facilitate the transfer of propagating material and its improvement.