Manual Wheelchair users’ Perspective– Narrative Review

  • Kurinji Chelvan
  • Mrs. Chinduja


Wheelchair is one of the commonest mobility devices which are prescribed by rehabilitation professionals for enhancing clients quality of life and active participation. According to studies, other than being as a mobility device, it is one of the assistive devices to provide support in sitting posture and prevent further deformities. On the other hand, though wheelchair enhances their level of independency, it leads to some limitation, injuries and discomfort. Hence, it is decided to identify the commonest distress of using manual wheelchair.

Identify the major concern of manual wheelchair users in related to their wheelchair and their participation.

Study selection:
Quantitative and qualitative studies were included which were written in English. Studies were searched in Pubmed and Google scholar.

The search identified the commonest problems mentioned in studies which are about wheelchair service process, wheelchair quality, economical factor influences in selection process, transportation difficulties, poor fitment of wheelchair accessories and its related difficulties, lack of training, awareness and professionals.

This research enables to get orientation about major concern of manual wheelchair users and it provides clear vision about what are the areas has to be focused in developing wheelchair services.