A Study On Tourist Satisfaction In Adventure Tourism With Special References To Selected Places

  • Dr. Gyanendra B. S. Johri


Tourism industry is amongst the significant sectors contributing to GDP for economic growth in India. Amarkantak, is famous for its natural beauty. However, it really isn't shocking that Amarkantak has already become a preferred destination owing to its monumental religious, cultural diversity, historical architecture, adventurous activities and natural scenic beauty. The increasing market for outdoor adventure tourism activities and the rapid growth in the associated industry calls for a deeper understanding of adventure tourism. Thus the present research paper aims at finding out the demographics and level of satisfaction of adventure tourists of Amarkantak related with the amusement activity and other related attributes. The study also attempts to discuss the current and future behavioral action plans of tourists visiting Amarkantak. Sample area selected for the study is Amarkantak and sample size is 75 tourists undergone adventure tourism activities. Researcher made use of descriptive research design and both qualitative and quantitative approach has been applied for analysis. Researcher has selected 12 different attributes for study purpose.