Benzoyl Peroxide and Adapalene Niosomal Gel for Treatment of Acne by Topical Combination Delivery System in vitro & in vivo studies

  • Birendra Shrivastava
  • Mekala Sunil
  • V.Sai Kishore


Aim and Objective: Adapalene andbenzoyl peroxide are used in treatment of acne. The combination of both drugs if used judiciously can be used to cure mild to moderate acne effectively by acting on pathogeneticsite. The successful treatment of acne depends on the maintenance of effective drug concentration levels at the affected site. Material and Methods: Nisomal gel preparation was carried by the combination of two chemical constituents Benzoyl Peroxide and Adapalene by mixing with stereac acid, Span-60, Span-40, and Carbopol 940 by using thin film hydration method.
Results and Discussion: Results obtained from the histological studies showed that the prepared niosomal formulation was effective in the treatment of acne. Comparison of the control sample and treated pinna showed that there was a marked increase in volume of the sebaceous gland and several units of comedowns present in the treated pinna Conclusion: Niosomes in comparison to other conventional dosage forms in terms of a better therapeutic efficacy at the affected site at lower doses of drugs present in the niosomal gel formulation.