A Glimpse of Major Tourist Attractions in India

  • Shilpi Sethi


Since many decades now India has been in the middle of the international tourist itinerary. This mystical land of Maharajas has been visited by foreigners for decades. India stands at the saddle of diverse attractions and a point of interest for people from all over the world. India has been popular with its culture, traditions, liveliness and hospitality, as well as breath-taking wilderness. India has the full potential to attract and engage international visitors with its wide range of attractions ranging from historical monuments to urban landscapes, from wildlife attractions to natural sceneries. India has vast array tourism products. When it comes to food, music, dances, festivals, weather, ecology, flora and fauna and so on, every corner of India is unique and different from the other. The present paper attempts to present an overview of the tourist attractions in India. Thus it attempts to present the opportunities in Indian Travel and tourism sector. The paper will serve as a trail for the tourists visiting India and catalyse the tourism Industry by providing ease of access and information.