Automatic Allocation System for Parking Lot Based on QR Code

  • Jen-Yu Shieh
  • Sheng-Xuan Huang
  • Yu-Xian Su


This paper aimed to develop a direct parking space allocation system when a driver enters a parking lot.three major sectors were adopted to achieve the required functions of the system, namely the first sector included a MCU HT66F70A as the core to integrate and control several low-cost infrared sensors in a parking space and a WiFi module as the transmission unit; the second sector was a terminal to display parking space information and the corresponding QR code for scan when driver pushed the button upon arrival; and the third sector involved the scan of QR code for information storage. The actual situation of a parking l ot was simulated with a low-cost model, even though the detection method was not limited to the sensors described in this paper. And these sensors could be replaced with other compatible devices.