An Analysis of Marginalized Women Characters in the Works of Doris Lessing & Alice Munro

  • Geetika Patni
  • Ajay Sharma


Writing literature of a particular type involves various challenges and in this respect Munro and Lessing wrote stories centring around woman protagonist and the struggle they have gone through putting into their characters like Alice Munro in Runaway puts her most of the emphasis on Juliet Henderson and some other female characters and their lives and problems faced by women of various ages. The writers, critics and scholars throughout the globe have been influenced by their works and acknowledge their worth as writers who can air their point of views with literary brilliance. From feminist point of view their observation and projection of human life is unparallel and quite captivating. These two explore the womens life of their generation bound up by its traditional set up. They express the lives of women through their art about her every phase and their inner quest under patriarchal domination. There is a kind of escapism which is the common element in these two.