The Myths about our Parliamentarians

  • P. V. Srinivas


The Article gives a scathing account of the egregious flaws plaguing the Indian Parliamentary system. Now, it is high time to bring revolutionary changes in the legal system to ensure accountability of parliamentarians. According to changed political scenario certain contradiction and controversies should be eradicated to establish a welfare state in real sense of term.
There is a need for prescribing minimum educational qualifications for the legislator which would enable them to comprehend the basics of effective implementation of the parliamentary system. Certain privileges enjoyed by them are controversial. For instance when a government servant is not allowed to enjoy pension, how can a parliamentarian get the same just for serving the nation for 5 years? The Law commission has made several recommendation on Electoral reforms, land reforms, banking reforms, transfer of property act amendment, insolvency law amendment and so on which the Parliament is sleeping over without implementing them.