A Phenomenal Study of Arya Samaj & Dav Moment Education System

  • Richa Mahajan


The Arya Samaj achieved a resurgence of Vedic qualities blasting religious and social indecencies running from excessive admiration, superstition, inflexibility of standing and distance to polygamy, youngster marriage, abuse of widows, custom of Purda, and general disparity between the genders. Believing instruction to be an impetus of social change he laid accentuation on showing both young men and young ladies in the workmanship and study of life, and in specialized aptitudes to widen their psychological skylines, unfurl their inborn capacities, and develop righteousness. This study focusing on the contribution of Arya Samaj in the educational field, the main contributors that contributes towards English education, and the early education agenda of arya samaj & DAV moment.