Patient information leaflets- Tools to improve doctor–patient communication

  • Binith Raj et al.


Patient information leaflets (PILs) are the documents that provide specific information about the drug including medical conditions, doses, side effects to the user. It is also known as Package insert. These are prepared by the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the product. Generally, the information provided is based on information available in Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs).PILs should contain information that is well-researched, comprehensible \ and evidence-based. Properly designed PILs can have very favourable impact on other outcomes of a treatment regimen. However, many manufacturers avoid the insertion of PILs as their preparation is not only time consuming but also adds to the cost. The current review talks about the significance of PILs, specifically in reference to Indian scenario. It also throes light on the desirable contents that must be covered in the contents of a PIL.