A Study on Underwater Image Quality Enhancement Techniques

  • Aarti kadwe


This paper focuses its attention on underwater image processing to improve image quality. As most of the images of offshore installations, drinking water reservoirs, etc. are captured and inspected manually by divers. And manual intervention in this regard is dangerous, costly and time-consuming. Hence camera-based inspection is used to capture the underwater images. Using cameras underwater poses major technological challenges. The objects in the underwater images are faint, difficult to view and analyze because the images of such an environment lose the details of the object. The underwater images usually suffer from non-uniform lighting, low contrast, skew, blurs and diminished colors. The proposed work develops the image enhancement using the channel extraction which contains different channel from the image, white balancing contain the correctness of color or effect of color and also used the histogram equalization method for enhancing the contrast of images with good accuracy.