A Review on Color QR code Encoding and Decoding Techniques for Storage Enhancement

  • Pranjali Chahare et al.


A 2D color Barcode can hold considerably more data than a two-dimensional Barcode. While a color Barcode can hold more data, it makes this vision task bizarrely testing on account of the fluctuating color adjusting in various cameras, low quality of pictures taken with current phone cameras and webcams, differing lighting conditions of the Barcode in pictures. They are time utilized in promoting to give clients searchable URLs to item sites. In search of expanded Barcode limit, novel plans utilizing color have been proposed. Encoding information autonomously in Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (CMY) print colorant channels with location in correlative Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) picture catch channels offers an alluring system for stretching out monochrome Barcode to color with expanded information. Three Color Barcodes give Cross-channel color interference that deteriorates the performance of the color QR code system. The paper gives a general look on QR codes.