Performance Appraisal of Clustering based Techniques in Data Mining

  • Kiran Gupta
  • Rydhm Beri
  • Veerawali Behal


Information is a valuable resource of every organization. It may rise the share of any company even may get degraded if some company got confidential information about the company. Due to this, information resource must be properly stored and readily accessible to the authorize person, when it is needed. Every industry is involved in managing data for application such as order processing, general ledger, inventory invoice etc. However, it is a cumbersome task to extract information from huge amount of data. The data mining provides efficacious approach to make the extraction task impressionable. Although, the different techniques available to accomplish extraction task besides, clustering is the coherent and easier to effectuate onto the huge dataset to make knowledge extraction task rapid.
This study entitles the steps involve in knowledge discovery process. This study describes how clustering techniques can be applied onto the large dataset and the phases involved in clustering procedure. Moreover, this study includes the implementation of clustering algorithms and compares the performance onto the simulation tool.