Design of Super-Agent Node and Energy Aware Multipath Routing using Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm for WSN

  • Masthan Ali A.H et al.


Demand of wireless communication has increased drastically during last decade due to their significant use in real-time monitoring. Generally, these networks are equipped with limited power supply and deployed in harsh environment where replacing the power supply is not feasible hence network lifetime gets affected. Several techniques have been introduced to overcome these issues. Routing is considered as a promising technique to improve the network lifetime. During routing process, cluster head selection and data transmission are important phases. In this work, we have developed a special agent node selection mechanism using fuzzy logic based on energy trust and power consumption. The special agent node collects the data from sensor nodes and transmits to the base station using multipath routing. In order to develop the multipath routing, we present adaptive generic algorithm with the help of new fitness function. The experimental study using proposed approach shows a significant improvement in network lifetime when compared with existing techniques.