Effect of Substitution of Divalent Cation on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Spinel Ferrite

  • S.A. Tirpude
  • N.N. Sarkar
  • P. S. Sawadh
  • K.G. Rewatkar


Nanoparticles of metallic element substituted divalent cation of spinel ferrites were successfully synthesized by sol-gel auto-combustion technique. The influence of a modification within the molar quantitative relation of Co and Ni metal cation strongly affected on the structural and magnetic properties has been examined very well. With the assistance of the diffraction machine, the section formation and structural analysis of the samples are dispensed. The surface morphology of those particles has been studied by Transmission microscopy (TEM). The magnetic properties of the synthesized samples were examined by vibratory Sample magnetometer (VSM). Ultimately during this analysis module, we have a tendency to correlate the structural and magnetic properties on the premise of the quantitative relation of Co and Ni metal substitution. during this article, we have a tendency to additionally investigate the structural parameter with the assistance Rietveld refinement technique. The terms consistency, X-Ray density, and Bulk density are deeply mentioned during this analysis activity. we have a tendency to found the crystallite size of the ready sample below fifty nm, and also the lattice parameter was found to be within the vary of around 8it's noted that the lattice parameter is varied sample to sample and are mentioned during this research module.