Design of data virtual assistant using natural language processing

  • Usha Mittal et al.


Now days, major objective of Artificial intelligence (AI) is the understanding of natural conversation between machines and human. Many companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc., have used the own conversation systems to establish different types of Virtual Personal Assistants(VPAs) depending on their applications and areas, like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, , Alexa respectively. These models of VPAs will be used to enhance the collaboration between humans and the machines by using several technologies, like image/video recognition, gesture recognition, the general knowledge base. This employs the ability to communicate socially through natural language processing ( NLP), and analysing information within the context of the user. In this paper, a system is proposed which uses natural language processing to extract information from the knowledge base or internet and provides summary of the extracted information to user.