T-Ray and its future in security industry

  • Suman Mukherjee


Terahertz (T-Ray) is a very promising band in the electromagnetic spectrum. It has its presence between microwave and infrared in the electromagnetic spectrum. It has imaging capabilities very similar to X-rays, but unlike X-rays, terahertz radiation is non-ionizing and very safe for human use. Because of its not so large wavelength and low power, T-Ray demonstrates some special properties not available at other electromagnetic bands and because of this it captures attention of many scientists and engineers for last couple of decades. THz imaging shows demonstrated applications in many areas, VIZ. agriculture, biomedical imaging, food industry, plastic industry, security industry etc. In this review article, applications of THz spectroscopy in the security industry has been discussed.  Although it is pretty new compared to the X-Ray, which has already been adopted in airport security but T-Rays shows some potential avenues which are absent in X-Rays and not only that T-Rays also shows better results in some areas.