An insight into functional food

  • Sukriti Biswas et al.


Functional food is an innovative concept introduced globally, is a nutriment which gives one or more additional therapeutic functions by adding new ingredients to it. Meaning of functional food is A food containing health- giving additives. Functional food has particular action on our body and has specific nutrients like- vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, synobiotics etc. It was first introduced in Japan (mid-1980s) Ancient Indian scholars mentioned same concept under Ahar kalpana such as-virhi, laja, shookadhanya (cereal grains) etc.  European commission modernized same concept in 1990s by using the term functional food. In 1991 Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU) established for any regulatory issues regarding this by Japanese ministry of health and welfare but till now India dont have any specific law regarding any issues of functional food. In this digitized society there have so many health issues that killing human mentally and physically but we can overcome it by consuming functional food in specific amount daily can reduce the risk of chronic diseases like- Diabetes, cancer, BPH, Cardiovascular disorder etc. and can lead better way of life.