MFO Based Traditional PID Controller for Automatic Voltage Regulator

  • Shamik Chatterjee et al.


This research paper deals with the controlling of the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) which maintains the terminal voltage of the synchronous generator. The generator system absorbs reactive power which leads to swag and swell of output voltage of AVR. This voltage is maintained by the AVR system but it has some fluctuations which has to be minimized. The control of AVR is done by the conventional proportional-integral-derivative(PID) controller tuned by metaheuristic method, moth flame optimization system. The examination of the propounded controller has been done by comparing the voltage response profiles acquired from propounded controller controlled AVR framework with that of voltage response profiles accomplished from other advancement methods based controller utilized for same researched framework. It might be accounted for from the simulation results that the proposed MFO based PID controller has yielded preferable outcomes over those acquired from different procedures based PID controller for same AVR framework.