• Pitresh Kaushik et al.


The market place is continually advancing and as new advances and a unique customer base keep on changing, the structure of branding has changed as well. Rational-based strategies; artificial testing approaches based on behavioral hierarchies that dont reflect the real buying process; the assumption that awareness and consideration lead to purchasesthese concepts, while not necessarily obsolete, are almost certainly outdated with how consumers interact, buy and use brands. We now understand that the biggest indicator of purchase is how we feel about a brand. Feelings in general are a tremendous area of opportunity, and by creating brands that people connect and relate tobrands that tell a compelling story in a simple straightforward waymarketers can both take advantage of and create new opportunities. Decision-making is instinctive and emotional.  Research crosswise over several brands in many classifications demonstrates that the best method to augment client esteem is to move past minor consumer loyalty and associate with clients at a passionate level taking advantage of their essential inspirations and satisfying their profound, regularly implicit enthusiastic needs. This paper on Science of Consumer emotions aims at highlighting the importance of connecting consumer with a companys brand.