Forensic Importance of Different Security Features present in Indian Passport

  • Kiran et al.


As crime is increasing day by day. There is urgent need to take remedial measure to cease crime rate. Since we are  living in digital era, the world of technology. There is a need to secure such technologies by facile approach. The technological approach leads from cyber world to security documents. One of the main security document includes passport. As it is largely a symbol of identity of an individual used throughout the globe to travel from one country to another. Since being a crucial identifying document, it needs to be secured lucratively. Recent advances in digital techniques have led to the development of digital replicas of passports which have increased the incidents of fraudulent or illegal migration or immigration. here is undoubtedly need of higher grade options to enhance the security measures or safety measures to reduce the production of fake or forged passports.  In this review an attempt has been portrayed to compare current Indian passport safety features from conventional ones. These new features have been included in the Indian passports as compared to the older Indian passports as there was need to enhance the security features for reducing the chances of counterfeiting and imitation.