Elaboration of isomeric alkoxysilanes and Silatranes: Synthetic procedure and characterization of Structutre

  • Jasbhinder Singh


A novel library of Silicon compound basically the alkoxy silanes and their derivatives silatranes (7a-c) which have the significant azomethine segment and triazole units embedded in them, had synthesized from their precursors. The precursors  used in this methodology are unsymmetrical alkoxysilanes which are polyfunctionalised witgh respect to their structure (6a-c). The silatranes compounds which are synthesized by this technology are of specific type due to their property that is because they are  very very more stable in relative to hydrolytic property. As their parent compounds from which they are synthesized are open chain molecules and they are very very less stable to water for hydrolysis. All the newly structures of these newly synthesized organosilicon compounds are best characterized by the different techniques. Those techniques are spectroscopic techniques for example Infrared spectroscopic technique, (1H and 13C)  Nuclear Magnetic resonance spectroscopic technique.