Microwave-assisted synthesis and Characterization of copolymer of Okra gum

  • Anshul Attri et al.


Modified polymeric materials are nowadays most commonly used for the making modified release pharmaceutical dosage forms. In this present research study, a grafted co-polymer is synthesized by using acrylamide and okra gum with the help of redox initiator method. The method was optimized using 3-factor, 2-level central composite design. The characterization of the resulted grafted co-polymer was done by evaluating percentage grafting, differential scanning calorimetry, FT-IR spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. For the optimization of the synthetic conditions, amount of ammonium persulfate, acrylamide and microwave irradiation exposure time were taken as variables. Formulation F12 having maximum percentage grafting as the low levels of acrylamide (1g), ammonium persulfate (100mg) and 4 minutes of exposure time.