Conceptual Framework of Occupational Stress Management of the Employees of Banking Sector

  • Ms. C. Anusuya, Dr. A. Kavitha


In general, in this present situation, stress is becoming as a disease. Particularly, working people have to affect by stress. Importantly, the banking sector employees are experiencing a lot of stressful situations. Therefore, the researcher has to study the causes of occupational stress and measured the levels of occupational stress depends upon the value of the variables (causes) through SPSS 16.0and the level is classified into two (High & Low). Further, the researcher has to analyze the performance of employees on the basis of levels of occupational stress (High & Low). The present study examines that, the various stress relieving strategies have to be described. The study concludes that, majority of the employees are experiencing by changing Government policies, RBI rules and regulations, personal and workplace stress etc.

Keywords: Occupational Stress, Banking Sector, Causes