Biodiversity and abundance of soil arthropods in Punjab: A comparison of contrasting habitats

  • Ruby Angurana


This study was conducted to conclude the diversity and abundance of soil arthropods in agricultural and non- agricultural land, Jalandhar, Punjab from January to June 2019.Tullgren apparatus was used to extract soil arthropods. A total of 1033 individuals of soil arthropods was collected during the study period. Out of this, 707 individuals were collected from agriculture fields while 326 for non-agriculture land. Collembola were the dominant among the arthropods while the least were Coleoptera and Hymenoptera. We found that, due to agriculture practices the diversity index and abundance is higher in agricultural land as compared to others. Thus, the result is in support for the idea that the agricultural practices helps in the elevation of arthropod community in the soil for better soil health and productivity.