Potential of Natural Product Extract as Green Corrosion Inhibitors for Steel- A review

  • Abhinay Thakur et.al


A variety of innumerable corrosion inhibitors specifically, organic molecules having hetero atoms and ? electron clouds, inorganic salts extracted from nature majorly from plant extracts with derivatives were proclaimed as inhibitor for mild steel corrosion in various corrosive media showing different efficiencies. Corrosion mitigation of different metals and alloys is one of the major challenges in current era. On the basis of classification, inhibition efficiency and inhibition mechanism, number of literature reviews has been reported related to corrosion inhibitors by numerous authors from different parts of different countries. From all the studies it reveals that organic compounds mainly nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur has high amount of inhibition efficiency. Organic compounds having N, O and S and inorganic compounds are having toxic behavior; also even expensive so recent researchers prefer green extract from our environment which naturally exists in our nature. These extracted compounds will be non-toxic and cheaper as compared to synthetic inhibitors. Fruit and plant products are likely to be rich source of organic compounds and act as good corrosion inhibitors. These corrosion inhibitors inhibit the corrosion well, easily and cost effectively in acidic media. A prised review of natural product extracts is summarized in the manuscript. Various surface analysis techniques such as SEM, AFM, FTIR, UV and Fluorescence spectra have been explained to analyze the synthesized products. This paper provides the recent work done using various plants, fruits and shrubs extracted as corrosion inhibitors and their effective inhibiting media and corrosion process for mild steel.