Comparative study of lipid production from the isolated yeast strain

  • Anu Bansal


Mineral and vegetable oil is the major resource for todays era but the amount is depleting worldwide, therefore alternative for this has to be explored. Oleaginous yeast is the alternative resource in production of lipids which shows high similarity to the plants oil in type and composition. These yeasts can store triacylglycerides ranging from 20-70% of their cell mass.  Yarrowia lipolytica and Pichia kudriavzevii was used for lipid production as a standard strain. Another strain of yeast from soil was isolated and screened. In this study, potentially new oleaginous yeast strain is screened for the production of lipids using Sudan Black B staining method. Further, TLC was done to observe for the type of lipid production by isolated yeast strain. The isolated yeast strain was found to accumulate lipid content 46% of their cell mass. Lipids originating from yeast can be used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food industry, biofuel.