A Survey of Lesion Detection using Dermoscopy Image Analysis

  • Puneet Thapar et.al


Dermoscopy image analysis is a technique by which extraction of features from skin lesion is possible, which is cannot be noticeable by naked eye. Now days various international medical image analysis organisations uses a large dataset for dermoscopy images, that become a very vigorous arena for research. In this paper, we present a summary of the exciting segmentation, feature extraction, and classification methods used for dermoscopy image analysis. Skin cancer or melanocytic lesion can be easily detected from dermoscopy image pattern analysis. Many more visual features are used to detect melanoma or skin cancer. In this paper, we fully emphasis on dermoscopy images analysis by surveying of various feature extraction methods,  because of its emergent use all over the world in medical practices to detect skin cancer problems. We also discussed about various types skin cancers problems.  In this we also studies about skin cancer detection, feature extraction and optimized algorithm approaches to be used by various researchers in their research by analysing proposed work, advantages and outcomes of their research papers as literature survey.