A Study on Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups (With Special Reference to Mittapalli Panchayat)

  • A. Parameswari


Women empowerment have been relegated is a global to challenge the rear, because and in many most parts of the world, men are under control as a result of unjust social, cultural and political structures. In most societies, women are subject to discrimination. About 65% percentages of worlds poor are women live in absolute poverty. The role of women is not only important in economic activities, but its role in non- economic activity is equally important. Development programs that affect men and women differently, have been making economic changes since the beginning benefits and opportunities for people with socially marginalized groups and groups. SHG proves to be effective tools for poverty reductions and Capacity building of rural natives. It provides women an opportunity to become socially and economically self-sufficient. SHG provides them freedom express their views, feelings about the various societal and political concerns.

             The study aims to understand the socio-demographic status, women empowerment through self- help groups, economic gains derived by the members after joining the group, operating system of self- help groups. The descriptive design was used and the sampling method was convenience sampling. The frequency table, diagrams was used for analysis. The suggestions were given to enhance the thrift of the SHG members.